Pieczarki is Masuria’s village located in the southern part of the county Węgorzewski, in the municipality of Pozezdrze near by the lake Dgał Wielki. Near the village there are other lakes: Dargin (part of the complex Mamry Lake and other Great Lakes),  Warniak and Dgał Mały. The village is situated 8 km north of Giżycko called as summer capital of Poland. Through the village run many beautiful cycling routes. The proximity of the lakes is a great base for your holiday. The area is a paradise for ornithologists. Near  the cottage are over 100 species of birds. Surrounding the village Pieczarki are one of the most charming places in the area Giżycko.

History of the village

The origins Pieczarki are not known, but in the fifteenth century there was a mill and a steel mill. In 1481 years the mill and smelter acquired from Martin Leckie, along with surrounding area on Magdeburg named John Pieczarka, who founded the village site. Pieczarki was the royal village, its residents pay rent and labor worked out for the domain of state assets in Węgorzewo. In 1931 the name was officially changed from the village Pietzarken on Bergensee. Pieczarki name was restored after World War II. In the village there is a monument to the fallen German soldiers of World War I and two small, nineteenth-century Protestant cemeteries.

Lake Dargin

This is one of the larger reservoir lake. It has an area of 3030 ha. Its length is 10.1 km and a width of 5.6 km. It is a relatively deep lake. Its maximum depth is 37.6 m and the average depth - 10.6 m. Length of coastline is 37.6 km. Dargin is not a standalone lake, but part of a complex known as the Mamry Lake and  Great Lakes. Lake connects to the south of the lake Kisajno, west of Lake Łabapa and continue with Lake Dobskie, and from the north of the lake Kirsajty (go under the bridge Sztynort). On the northern bank is also the entrance to the channel connecting Dargin with a small lake Sztynort, the which is a known holiday village and a big marina.